Business Development Manager (Female)

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Employment Information

• Conducting market research and analysis to identify potential target markets

• Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders in international markets (e.g. customers, suppliers, partners, and government agencies)

• Negotiating and closing deals with international customers and partners

• Developing and implementing international business strategies to achieve company objectives

• Collaborating with cross-functional teams (e.g. sales, marketing, product development) to support international business growth

• Ensuring compliance with international trade regulations and laws

• Representing the company at international events and trade shows.

The main goal of the International Business Development Manager is to expand the company's presence and increase its revenue in international markets.


International business development managers typically need the following qualifications:

1. Education: A bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing, economics, or a related field is often required. A master's degree in international business may be preferred.

2. Work experience: Several years of experience in international business development, sales, or a related field is usually required.

3. Language skills: Proficiency in at least one foreign language, in addition to English, is often required.

4. Cultural awareness: Understanding cultural differences and the ability to adapt to various cultural environments is crucial.

5. Strong communication skills: The ability to effectively communicate and negotiate with clients, partners, and stakeholders from different countries and cultures are essential.

6. Analytical skills: The ability to analyze market trends, identify business opportunities, and evaluate the potential of new markets is important.

7. Leadership skills: The ability to lead cross-functional teams, manage projects, and motivate employees to achieve business goals is necessary.

8. Strategic thinking: The ability to develop and execute long-term strategies for international business growth is essential


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